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House in Hands

Getting a mortgage is about to get harder (via msnmoney.com)

Getting a mortgage is about to get harder New mortgage rules are going into effect Jan. 10 to protect homeowners and investors from the kinds of risky mortgages that led so many people into foreclosure. This post comes from Marilyn


Ways to Manage Credit When Seeking a Mortgage by Scott Sheldon via aol.com

Consumer debt: Many of us have it. And most who do, have a love/hate relationship with it. If you can’t make the purchase with cash, do it with debt — right? We love to know we can still consume, but

Credit and Financial Mgmt

0% APR credit card offers: Risks you must consider before getting one

Credit card companies are promoting sign-up deals that were last seen during the per-recession period. However, you shouldn’t give in to those temptations, but rather, try to look what is actually there behind the curtain. Why you should be concerned